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Recipero and its portfolio of services generate noteworthy news on a frequent basis, major news and press releases concerning Recipero are listed below.

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Introducing CheckMEND Australia: A New Standard in Device Checks

29th January 2024

We're excited to announce the launch of CheckMEND in Australia, a comprehensive service for checking mobile phones and other used tech. Designed for both individual and business use, CheckMEND provides detailed background checks, revealing if items are known to be stolen, lost, network blocked, or other factors that could prevent you from gaining ownership.

CheckMEND saves traders significant time, money, and perhaps reputations. Additionally, being seen to buy devices safely builds trust with those you sell to and sets responsible and reputable traders apart from the rest.

CheckMEND is also ideal for high-volume, process-critical scenarios, and our API service seamlessly integrates with point-of-sale, warehouse, and other back-office logistics systems. Making it an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes, especially those in the recycling, retail, and reverse logistics industries handling substantial inventory.

Mark Pritchard, our director of Recipero Australia, says, "Launching CheckMEND in Australia marks our dedication to enhancing trust and transparency in device transactions, safeguarding integrity for both consumers and businesses."

Visit for more information.

CheckMEND Australian website

Loss prevention: how to stop your assets from going 'walkabouts'

6th December 2022

It's not yet known if and how the cost of living crisis will affect crime rates generally. There has understandably been plenty of speculation though; 'desperate times call for desperate measures'. They say crime doesn't pay, but there is a booming second-hand marketplace that could quite easily convince someone otherwise, particularly if they're facing financial difficulties.

There was a 21% increase in shoplifting between March 2021 and March 2022 1. Employee theft has been steadily dropping since peaking in 2003, but 5,638 offences were still reported throughout England and Wales over the last year2.

How to stop your assets from going 'walkabouts'

Mobile phones, laptops and portable tech have always been lucrative items to thieves, fraudsters and even dishonest employees; they're high value, they can be turned around for cash easily and the theft can potentially go unnoticed for a long period of time, making it harder for any action to be taken.

If your business is vulnerable to items going 'walkabouts' when they're out of view, you might find it useful to read through the white paper we have just released. In it, we list the basic measures you should be taking to protect your assets, while also introducing AssetWatch, a means of going above and beyond best practice in loss prevention.

Read the white paper

1 Usdaw, July 2022 -

2, July 2022 -


Why Sitting on the "Fence" Is Better for Business

15th August 2022

Our ecosystem of product solutions is critical to tens of millions of transactions every year. In the UK alone, we prevent over £40m worth of stolen property from changing hands each month.

As our COO, Les Gray wrote in his piece for Loss Prevention Magazine recently, ‘If there is no market for stolen goods, there is simply no benefit to the thief in stealing. We will likely never eliminate that market, but with co-operation, we can significantly reduce it to benefit us all.’

Why Sitting on the Fence Is Better for Business

Les’s article details how the ecosystem works to detect and prevent crime, providing some case studies on one of our solutions, AssetWatch which protects some of the world’s biggest companies from acquisitive crime.

You can read the rest of Les’s article on pages 28-29 of Loss Prevention magazine’s summer issue here:


Immobilise awarded Loss Prevention Standard 1224

31st March 2022

Immobilise is proud to have been awarded Loss Prevention Standard 1224. This is a secure asset register standard and Immobilise is the only register that supports all types of property, to hold this certification. Register bikes to blu-rays, golf clubs to games consoles at . Registration provides maximum protection from second-hand trade and maximum visibility to police and insurers, all working together to reduce theft.

Loss Prevention Standard 1224 Image


New AssetWatch Checkmark Provides a Clear Message to Fraudsters!

28th July 2020

Recipero are delighted to announce the availability of the AssetWatch Checkmark. Millions of articles are already protected by AssetWatch and the new Checkmark provides a clear, consistent signal to fraudsters that our clients’ property is being actively prevented from unauthorised sale. Full integration of AssetWatch with police systems, responsible second-hand traders and public due-diligence services ensures the widest possible picture of an article’s movements.

AssetWatch Approved Partner Logo

Use cases include stock leakage detection, rental or finance default potential, forward and reverse logistics losses, fraudulent claims for non-delivery and even employee theft. Overt messaging with the Checkmark lets potential bad actors know that stealing an AssetWatch customer’s property is no easy way to make money.

AssetWatch can deliver benefits for all businesses who manufacture or sell serial numbered articles or supply goods to employees such as laptops and phones. No obligation AssetWatch trials are available so you can see the ROI before you commit.

If you’re an existing AssetWatch customer and would like to use the Checkmark please contact us or your service representative directly. To read more about the AssetWatch service or Checkmark please visit our AssetWatch page.


Recipero Prevents Criminals From a Gain of £35M

7th May 2020
“It’s been widely publicised that criminals have exploited the vulnerable during the pandemic and will continue to do so. When lockdown restrictions ease and we all begin adapting to the new normal, their activities will continue to exploit consumer behaviour. Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem provides accurate, efficient data to minimise and prevent theft, loss and dishonesty. We prevented criminals from a gain of £35m before lockdown and will prevent even more going forwards.”

- Andrew Kewley, Head of Policing Solutions at Recipero


Recipero Prevents Criminals From a Gain of £35M


Read more about Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem.


Secured By Design Renewal of Recipero Products

8th April 2020

Recipero are delighted to announce the renewal of our Secured By Design membership covering all of our products.

Secured By Design is an official Police security initiative that seeks to identify products and services meeting the highest standards of security and impacts on crime.

Our SBD membership page lists our wide range of Asset protection services and products.


Secured By Design logo


Read more about Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem.


TransUnion UK Sells Recipero to Management Team

24th January 2020

TransUnion has sold its Recipero business – which operates in both the UK and US – to its current management team.

The management buyout represents a return to independence for Recipero which was established in 2000 and has enjoyed consistent success providing data solutions to detect and prevent theft and fraud in the world's mobile device communities.

“We’re very pleased to have agreed to this buyout with Recipero’s current management team, since the business no longer aligns with our global model,” said Satrajit “Satty” Saha, CEO of TransUnion UK. “With their experience in the business spanning two decades, and a track record of success, we’re confident that the company will continue to thrive. We will be working together in the future and wish them success in this exciting new chapter.”

TransUnion will continue to offer fraud and ID solutions using state-of-the-art technology, to help clients verify more customers and reduce the risks of fraud.

Recipero chief operating officer Les Gray said: “Having established a loyal client base over the years, spanning both public and private sector, we will continue to operate as we do currently, without any disruption. We welcome the opportunities that lie ahead for us as an independent business as we move into 2020.”
Steve Shepherd, Recipero’s chief technical officer added: “We’re looking forward to this exciting new start and will be developing our offerings to support crime reduction and due diligence as we embark on a new year and a new beginning.”

Recipero provides a range of solutions for both businesses and consumers for fraud prevention, crime investigation, device due diligence and more, with the management team committed to maintaining and enhancing their products and services.


Recipero starts the integration into TransUnion

12th July 2018

Now Recipero is formally part of TransUnion after being acquired by the leading global risk and information solutions provider last month (19th June), there will be a phased approach to changing our appearance which we expect to complete by the end of the year. Becoming part of TransUnion is an important step in making it easier for companies to do business with us, both domestically and internationally, by providing access to greater expertise across global markets.

What does it mean for you?

During this time of change, our priority remains on continuing to deliver the excellent level of service and insight that our customers have grown to expect.

As the phased integration process continues, you will start to become familiar with TransUnion which already has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. The company will be referred to as ‘Recipero, Now part of TransUnion’ during the initial stage, as reflected in the logo.

If you have any questions about the acquisition and integration process, please reach out to your account management team or for more information you can click here

We look forward to bringing you further news as our integration journey continues throughout the year.


How can the NMPR help with police investigations?

31st May 2018

Imagine a scenario where you’ve seized the mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other digital device in the course of your investigation. You’ve downloaded the contents or interrogated the device for evidence. With any luck, you’ve found something to assist you to seek well-earned justice for the victim in the case, but why stop there…

NMPR investigation

Tap the IMEI or serial number into the National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) which has a wealth unique data drawn from the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem. To find the IMEI on any phone dial *#06#. Device data collected from various sources starts to form a picture of the device’s history and provides intelligence that can reveal more about the device itself than the contents of it, helping you make more of every lead.

We have helped to join the dots for a wide range of use cases and investigations ranging from all different types of crime, missing persons, organised crime, custody suite checks on property in the possession of detainees and many others.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ways the NMPR can help make you more efficient in the fight against crime then please get in touch. We recently helped North Wales Police with a week-long force-wide training roadshow which has already started to yield positive results.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you soon!

Andrew Kewley

Police Business Development Manager


Data disconnect: marketers struggling to understand their customers

17th January 2018

Despite increased sophistication in how data is being collected and used, new research by Callcredit Information Group has revealed that marketers are struggling to really understand their customers' needs and expectations.

Whilst almost two-thirds (65%) of marketers believe that smart marketing has helped them outperform the competition, the 'So you think you know your customers?' report revealed that marketers may not have as clear a view of their customers as they think. In fact, 47% of marketers believe that more than half of their customers have a very high understanding of how companies use their data. But in reality, less than one in ten (9%) consumers feel this way.

The research uncovered a number of further significant differences in what marketers believe customers think and what they actually do. Three in five marketers (61%), for example, think that consumers are frustrated with the way businesses access and use their data. In truth, fewer consumers (52%), although still a large number, say they are exasperated with this.

Do you know your customers?

Similarly, a majority (81%) of marketers believe customers have become more selective about whothey allow to access their data. Whilst the number of consumers (62%) who have become stricter on this is significant, it is lower than marketers think.

This disconnect is leading to missed opportunities and ineffective marketing efforts. Whilst almost half (47%) of consumers have become less likely to respond to promotions, for instance, just 30% of marketers have taken note of this trend.

Steve McNicholas, Managing Director, Credit and Marketing Data, Callcredit Information Group, commented: "With truly data driven businesses having the competitive advantage in today's digital environment, marketers must - first and foremost - ensure that they really understand their customers' data expectations. Without this insight, no matter how smart their tactics, marketing strategies will fall short of expectations."

When comparing this year's (2017) responses to those asked in Callcredit's 'The Data Dilemma' report last year, it's evident that marketers are using a growing number of data sources to inform their decisions. The use of internal sources such as CRM and marketing data, for example, has nearly doubled in usage - from 37% in 2016 to 67% this year (2017). Interestingly, one in five (21%) marketers still see providing clear directives based on customer data insights as their biggest challenge.

Steve McNicholas continued: "One of the main reasons marketers don't have as clear a picture of what their customers think, is because the growing number of data sources is making it difficult for them to determine what data is useful and what is not. There are a number of steps marketers can take to overcome this problem, including setting up a preference centre to ask customers how they want to be marketed to and figuring out what data actually improves the effectiveness of their efforts. As understanding their customers will become even more critical for businesses once the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect later this year, the time for marketers to get smarter is now."

To find out more on Callcredit's seven tips on how marketers can get smarter and improve their understanding of customers, download your free copy of the 'So you think you know your customers?' .

200 marketing decision makers with responsibility for customer insight completed an online survey in September 2017. This was supported with an online survey amongst 2,004 UK consumers. The research was conducted by London-based research agency, Loudhouse.

For more information visit:


Don't get hung up with fraud this New Year and check for warning signs when buying a second-hand phone

15th January 2018

Mobile phone fraud prevention specialist, Recipero, part of the Callcredit Information Group, is urging consumers and retailers to undertake device checks when buying a second hand phone to avoid becoming a victim of fraud during the January sales and beyond.

Recipero's CheckMEND data* reveals, that the number of device checks made on second hand iPhones has almost doubled in the last four years, highlighting the growth in the size of the second hand phone market and the increased awareness amongst some consumers and retailers of ensuring the legitimacy of second hand phones.

Last January there was a spike in the number of iPhone checks performed via the Recipero CheckMEND service. More than 1.3 million checks took place (more than 400,000 up on the month before) and Callcredit's analysts are expecting upwards of two million at the start of 2018.

Second-hand phone

Mark Harman, Managing Director of Recipero, said: "Even though our findings highlight that there has been an increase in second hand iPhone device checks, fraud is prevalent in what is a market for increasingly expensive devices. Latest ONS crime figures , compiled from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, show 401,000 mobile phones were reported as stolen in the 12 month period ending March 2017. It's important that consumers and retailers take the necessary precautions and check the history of a device."

The Recipero data also revealed a surge in the number of searches on the CheckMEND database following the introduction of new iPhone models - as it shows the number of device checks being performed increasing by over a third (36.6%)** in the period after a new release.

Mark concluded: "A check on a second hand phone includes a device life history that starts at the point of manufacture, through ownership changes, right up to it being recycled. The device is checked against IMEI, a phone's unique reference number, loss and theft reports and police crime reports in the US and UK, insurers title information and settled claims. These checks provide information which will flag up (red) in a CheckMEND report if the device is compromised, helping to protect those purchasing a second hand phone from acquiring a lost or stolen device."

Learn more about CheckMEND

For further information please contact us

*Based on CheckMEND UK data of number of checks made on iPhones each month from Jan 2014- Dec 2017 inclusive. Taken from the Recipero database which is part of the Callcredit Information Group.

**Based on the average number of CheckMEND iPhone device checks two months prior to a new iPhone launch and the average for the two months following.


Jack McArtney presents at the Wireless Repair Expo: Do IMEI checks matter? Enabling hassle free activation, maximize residual value

15 August 2017

‘The Wireless Repair Expo 2017’, the official partner of Mobile World Congress, Americas, is just around the corner!

Jack McArtney, Wireless Repair Exp 2107

Running from 12-14th September and offering 12,000 square feet of exhibitors showcasing best of class in wireless repair. The Wireless Repair EXPO will offer live hands-on training and business owner’s workshop sessions onsite. Learn techniques on how to support and improve your business.

On the 12th September Jack McArtney, the VP Industry Relations for Recipero and leading innovator in mobile device fraud and theft will be presenting between 4-5pm.

Jack will be discussing how to improve confidence in buying and selling smartphones by using Recipero’s ecosystem of reliable operators, resellers, consumers and law enforcement showing you how the industry could save billions and strengthen reliability of IMEI data on lost, stolen, blocked or blacklisted phones.

Then join us for a cocktail party to round up the event and network with people in the know.

The Wireless Repair Expo 2017 is being held at the Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

For further information please contact us or visit the following site for additional event details:


Recipero aligns with Callcredit’s new brand

17th July 2017

Since Recipero’s acqustion by Callcredit, the Group has continued its impressive growth through sales expansion and international acquisitions.

Furthering the growth and transformation of the group, Callcredit have today unveiled a fresh new brand along with a compelling strategic focus that provides a blueprint for continued development as well as a new visual identity which builds on the concept of empowering information.

Building on shared synergies, Recipero is benefiting greatly as part of the Callcredit group, working to integrate both companies’ unique solutions and accelerate growth of the group’s fraud and protection solutions.

Aligning with the group transformation Recipero has also adopted a new look that complements the new Callcredit brand reflecting the interconnected nature of the Group.

Callcredit’s new look brings with it a set of principles which will be fundamental to our Group’s offering and continued growth:

  • Relentlessly innovative: constantly delivering better ways of solving problems and serving clients
  • Deeply curious: hunters and gatherers of insight
  • “People” people: we strive to be easy to do business with, and know that at the start and end of every data point are people with real lives and goals
  • Ironclad integrity: our business does best when it does good

To see the new Recipero branding and website visit or for more information on the Callcredit Group brand visit


Callcredit Information Group Acquires Recipero to Accelerate the Execution of its Fraud and Identity Protection Strategy

27th September 2016

Recipero is pleased to announce that is has been acquired by Callcredit Information Group in a deal designed to accelerate the growth of the company’s fraud and identity protection strategy.

Callcredit acquires ReciperoRecipero has built one of the world’s largest proprietary databases containing detailed information of the history and ownership of mobile devices. The business delivers over 5 million reports each month that enable retailers, recyclers, insurers, traders, the public and law enforcement to make informed decisions.

Mark Harman, Recipero CEO, said:

"Becoming part of Callcredit Information Group is a perfect fit for our business and provides a unique opportunity for Recipero to build on its UK success. This also signifies a step change in our ambitions allowing us to accelerate our plans to expand our capabilities and scale the US business where we have already established a strong base.”

Recipero’s technology is used to detect and prevent mobile device theft and fraud; comply with legislation around the handling of secondary-market mobile device transactions; and assess whether a device can be activated on a particular mobile network.

Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group, said:

“The acquisition demonstrates our commitment to expanding our fraud and identity protection capabilities and will accelerate growth, provide the opportunity to develop unique, new offerings for our customers and support overseas expansion through Recipero’s US footprint.”

Chris Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Callcredit Information Group, said:

“The explosion in use of mobile devices for financial transactions, means mobile devices present the biggest, single point of failure for identity theft and fraud. If your phone is stolen, a criminal has everything they need to access your digital identity, including personal, sensitive and financial information.

Recipero offers a natural extension to our existing fraud and identity protection solutions and has a number of products that will be embedded into many future solutions.”

Recipero will be combined into Callcredit’s existing fraud and identity protection solutions business, where the integration of products and solutions will enable Callcredit to bring differentiated solutions to its customers. Recipero and Callcredit operate in sectors which are complementary to each other, including, mobile network operators, retailers, mobile electronics recyclers, insurers, logistics and finance companies, device repair shops, warranty providers and law enforcement agencies.

About Callcredit Information Group
Callcredit Information Group specialises in database marketing solutions, credit referencing and software analytics and fraud, and is an expert in managing consumer data for businesses across every sector. The Group is structured into four divisions, Credit Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Software, Analytics and Fraud, and Consumer Markets. Callcredit focuses on developing innovative products and services across these divisions to help businesses make smarter and informed decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Founded in 2000, the Group includes the UK’s second largest credit reference agency (CRA) and employs approximately 1,000 professionals across Leeds, Kent, Bath, London, Warrington and Stockport, and also has offices in Japan, China, Dubai and Lithuania and agents working across international markets. In 2014 Callcredit was acquired by private equity business, GTCR. In a first for UK consumers, in 2011 Callcredit launched Noddle (, the free-for-life credit reporting and scoring service with no hidden fees or 30-day trial periods, which now has more than two million customers. This service helps individuals to check their credit report and credit score and protect against fraud and identity theft.


Recipero’s online lost property service Report My Loss launches across the U.S.

04th July 2016

Recipero is pleased to announce the launch of its online Report My Loss service throughout the U.S.

Report My Loss July 4th means lots of celebrations, parties and events across the country – it is also a massive day for lost property.

Losing valued possessions is enough of a problem. Reporting it should not add to the inconvenience, cue Report My Loss.

Report My Loss is a simple online tool that does exactly as its name implies, enabling people to easily report all types of lost property including cellphones, jewelry, tools and more.

If you’ve ever lost something, you are all too familiar with the hassle involved in dealing with it – firstly working out when, where and how the loss happened, then trying to find out who you should report it to.

Traditionally, where reports were even possible, they’d be taken locally by police or lost property offices and that’s where they’d stay – locally. If your lost item was recovered in the next town or precinct the chances of a report being matched up with an item was very low.

As a national system, Report My Loss eliminates those historical shortcomings and seeks to join the dots between finding agencies and lost property owners.

Why does it work? The short answer – it's part of Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem which means many police and other agencies that recover property are already searching Report My Loss records as part of their property investigation processes.

What does it cost? A single report is just $5.95.

Why pay? Good question, there are ways to report losses free but you need to ask yourself some important questions like, how likely are they to help recover my valued possessions? is my data secure? will the report help prevent trade? is the report shared with police?

Report My Loss delivers on all these needs, plus many other benefits that have been well proven in the UK, where it's used thousands of time each month, dramatically increasing repatriation rates, while delivering considerable time and resource savings for the public and police.

The U.S. loss reporting site is already live at:

Further information:

Report My Loss website:

Report My Loss corporate information: Recipero Report My Loss information


Recipero’s CheckMEND goes mobile to help protect mobile device traders!

13th May 2016

Recipero are pleased to announce the global launch the new CheckMEND website. The new mobile friendly design helps CheckMEND users run real-time reports to avoid trading stolen phones and mobile devices, regardless of location or access-device.

CheckMEND ResponsiveLaunched simultaneously in the US, UK and EU the new responsive site has been well received by CheckMEND’s extensive footprint of users which include national consumer electronics retailers, international recyclers, traders and the public.

CheckMEND produces real-time history reports based on comprehensive data published into Recipero’s Device Service Bureau by numerous organizations covering mobile networks, retailers, police, insurers, lease providers and the public.

Reports are delivered instantly to aid buying/selling decisions, helping CheckMEND users avoid financial loss, legal implications and hassle that’s often associated with handling devices with questionable backgrounds!

The service doesn’t stop there either; CheckMEND Status Change Alerts are a powerful feature that helps mitigate issues that can occur when a smartphone or other mobile device is reported as lost or stolen after a check is performed!

For more information about CheckMEND’s features, how it creates savings for customers, helps Police provide Safe Trader Schemes, and aids compliance with the Recyclers Code of Practice please read the corporate CheckMEND information on this site or go to:


Amtel Wireless Minimizes Device Shrink with Recipero's StockWatch

Dallas TX - April 18th, 2016

Amtel LogoAmtel Wireless, T-Mobile's sixth largest dealer network, today announced that Recipero's StockWatch Program has produced a better than expected ROI for the Amtel Loss Prevention Group.

Recipero's StockWatch subscription service enables retailers to monitor their unsold inventory by creating custom alerts from activity from Recipero's global Device Service Bureau. Recipero's Device Service Bureau is the industry's leading provider of stolen and lost device notification, as well as device activation status and history. It manages over 5 million inquires per month from mobile operators, device traders, recyclers, mobile insurance providers and law enforcement agencies.

Amtel's participation in StockWatch creates awareness that their unsold inventory has been published in the Recipero Device Service Bureau, and is being continuously monitored, so cannot be traded or sold. This helps law enforcement to combat in-store theft, organized crime, and local gang activity.

Robert Sanchez, Director of Amtel Operations/Loss Prevention says

"StockWatch has completely changed how we look at mobile device monitoring. It has enabled us to change the culture, to enhance our "perception of control" by allowing us to be able to highlight the various tools we use to monitor and detect for theft. As we plan for future store growth, training new team members about Recipero and StockWatch will become standard operating practice. Knowing that we are actively monitoring each and every IMEI in our system has enabled us to drive home the message - think twice before taking the device. "

DevicesThe StockWatch solution complements Amtel's existing Audit & Compliance program and is an early warning system. It also works to reduce the value to the fraudster in possession of the device, by reducing its value to the second-hand trader. StockWatch can be used in conjunction with and to supplement existing fraud measures of mobile device dealers.

Sanchez added

"Within the first 45 days of subscribing to StockWatch , we recovered a batch of iPhones that had been stolen from inventory. The ROI didn't just stop after the first 45 days, we are still getting information on devices monitored by StockWatch involved in other investigations. A final point, StockWatch has enabled me to broaden my networking base with other professionals that have resulted in employee dishonesty investigations and other contacts with a great team working mindset. It's been a great investment!"

David Dillard, Recipero's Managing Director of the Americas,

"We are excited that Amtel was able to quickly validate the ROI associated with their StockWatch subscription. Together with partners like Amtel, we continue to mitigate against the theft of unsold inventory."

Further information:


Recipero StockWatch: Recipero StockWatch


Recipero's US Cell Phone Crime Statistics in 2016 so far..

22nd March 2016

2016 has already been a busy year for Recipero resulting in our connected device fraud and theft intelligence solutions producing some very interesting statistics.

A more detailed report will be published at the end of Q1, for now though here are some significant facts you might find interesting.

A print optimized version of these stats is available here.

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Recipero's US Cell Phone Crime Statistics in 2016 so far..

In the first two months of 2016, Recipero provided intelligence on transactions involving over 10 million devices globally.

31% of devices reported stolen were NOT blocked by operators.

The Apple 6, 6s and Samsung S6 were the most stolen phones in the US in the first quarter of this year.

Day 48 is the most likely day after taking out a lease or rental contract that a user of a device will decide to sell it for cash and stop the installment payments.

7% of devices that are blocked when an insurance claim is made for loss or theft are unblocked within 30 days.

5% of devices offered for sale or trade-in at retail were reported as lost or stolen.

4% of accidental damage or breakdown warranty claims were actually made on devices that had been reported as lost or stolen.

$2,100 is the price that a stolen Apple iPhone 6 sells for in some Eastern European countries.

Through our global reach, we have seen US stolen devices turn up in some far-reaching places including; Vietnam, Poland, Denmark, Jamaica, Romania, Spain, Mexico, Italy, South Africa and Colombia.

A print optimized version of these stats is available here.

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Recipero appoint David Dillard to accelerate development and rollout of connected-device intelligence solutions across America

18th March 2016

David DillardRecipero is delighted to announce the appointment of David Dillard as Managing Director - Americas.

David joins Recipero with a reputation for extending mobile technologies across multiple platforms with revolutionary revenue models that cover banking, media, entertainment, real estate, and retail.  Over the past 20 years he has held senior positions at Verizon Wireless, Uni-Mobile,,, and Sprint PCS.  This experience will assist Recipero’s continued development across enterprise, Government and consumer channels.

Recipero, the connected-device industry's trusted 3rd party, are device-led data experts delivering critical and timely intelligence to the wireless industry, insurance companies, law enforcement and retailers and recyclers. Solutions focus on with fraud prevention, transaction verification, device due-diligence, crime investigation and device ownership registration.

Providing a "clear title" for buyers and sellers of connected-devices, Recipero solutions work to ensure a smooth carrier re-activation experience. Consumers and enterprises have lost confidence in buying or selling a used cell phone due to the growing issue of a device being blacklisted when it has been lost or stolen or has an outstanding contract/lease against it.

Recipero provide connected-device history reports that reveals if a phone, tablet or other mobile device has been lost, stolen or is associated with an unsatisfied lease or contract. 

Recipero has aggregated over over a billion data records over the past 15 years which drives over 5 million inquires per month from law enforcement, consumers and enterprise. Users include Sprint, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Brightstar, Assurant, GameStop, Gazelle and Ingram Micro.

Mark Harman, Group CEO Recipero, said:

"I am delighted to welcome David to our US team. We are excited about continuing our investment into building a carrier-grade team to service many of the US and Americas biggest businesses. David's understanding of the wireless landscape and experience working in and with carriers will be invaluable as we accelerate US growth."

David Dillard, Managing Director - Americas, said:

"I'm joining Recipero at a very exciting time as the connected device industry is starting to wake up to the increasing costs of fraud and crime. Recipero have created a powerful platform that I am looking forwarding to rapidly developing and expanding the footprint of users."


Pawnbrokers step up fight against crime with Recipero's CheckMEND

16th March 2016

NPA LogoThe National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) took another step forward in the fight against crime when it agreed to work closely with Recipero to benefit from and contribute to the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

The NPA have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Recipero, to help facilitate provision of our CheckMEND history reporting service – enabling pawnbrokers across the UK to check that items being offered to them have not been reported lost or stolen.

National Pawnbrokers Association Chief Executive, Ray Perry, said:

"This is yet another step by pawnbrokers to help the police to crack down on crime".

"We endorse the ‘Gold Standard’ whereby pawnbrokers check for ID and use UV lights to check for forensic property marking".

"In London, we endorse the ‘Safe Seller’ scheme where pawnbrokers keep clear records so that criminals are kept away from stores. In Scotland, we are working with the police via regular meetings of our Forum to crack down on crime. Across England and Wales, we are working with the Home Office on measures to stamp out crime".

"Now – with our agreement with Recipero – NPA members can use CheckMEND to check whether any items that enter their stores have been reported as stolen".

"All this and more demonstrates clearly that 21st century pawnbroking has a zero tolerance approach towards crime".

Les Gray, Operations Director from Recipero added:

"We are delighted to be working with the NPA and their members to help them trade safely through use of CheckMEND."

"CheckMEND, as part of Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem provides risk mitigation to NPA members and by preventing the trade of stolen goods works to reduce the incentive to steal. Integration with the Police National Mobile Property Register ensures that attempts to trade stolen property are alerted to police and insurers in real-time."


To learn more about the NPA please go to:


Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem services now available on G-Cloud 7 Marketplace

23rd December 2015 logoAs an accredited government supplier Recipero’s intelligence solutions are now available to be procured by public sector agencies on the newly released G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace.

Making Recipero solutions available though the G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace opens up another route for UK law enforcement and other public bodies to benefit from the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

For more detail please contact us or visit the G-Cloud 7 Marketplace.


SaferGems' members to benefit from partnership with Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem

04th December 2015

Watches and logosRecipero is pleased to announce its partnership with SaferGems, a service provided by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Focusing initially on jewellery and watch traders, the partnership is set to dramatically improve the benefits of the SaferGems Watch Register service which helps members report and be alerted to lost and stolen items.

The Watch Register is operated by SaferGems, a joint initiative established by the BSIA in partnership with a number of prominent organizations including TH March Insurance Brokers, the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) and the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA).

In 2014 alone, over £9m worth of watches was stolen from individuals and jewellery stores, often inadvertently being sold on through the UK's wide network of pawnbrokers and second-hand jewellery traders. Intelligence gathered by SaferGems shows that watches are among the items of personal property most targeted by thieves, with jewellery shops also frequently targeted by ‘smash and grab’ opportunists and organized gangs.

SaferGems are now entering into partnership with Recipero to improve the operational capabilities of the Watch Register. SaferGems' Intelligence Officer, Simon Gardner, comments:

Whilst reviewing the operational needs and costs of providing a fast and easily accessible checking service for Watch Register, it became clear that Recipero's CheckMEND service already provided a very comprehensive service that is well proven in thousands of retail premises nationwide and with a little cooperation could incorporate the Watch Register data that we already hold.

Les Gray, Recipero’s COO said:

We're delighted to be able to incorporate Watch Register into Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem. This represents real value to Safer Gems and their members and of course enhances existing cooperation with UK Police.

Steve Jupp Deputy Chief Constable with the Suffolk Police Force adds:

This collaboration is another positive step forward in assisting the Police service to work more effectively with the business industry, to identify and recover stolen property. The register is an easy to use and efficient way for officers to access information; I know it will assist in the conviction of many offenders to come.

SaferGems members will further benefit through discounted use of Recipero's CheckMEND service. CheckMEND, which forms part of many Police “Safe Seller Scheme” initiatives, enables traders of second-hand items to perform history checks to help mitigate the inherent risks of handling second-hand property.

Simon Gardner concludes:

In the long-term, the Watch Register will help to reduce crimes against the jewellery industry by making it more difficult for thieves to resell stolen watches without getting caught.

Further information:

The British Security Industry Association is the trade association covering all aspects of the professional security industry in the UK. Its members provide over 70% of UK security products and services and adhere to strict quality standards. For more information see

The SaferGems team, which has links to all the UK police forces; Co-ordinates data from the trade on incidents and suspicious events; Sends alerts to members of the NAG, the BJA and those insured via T H March; Co-ordinates data across police forces to improve identification and conviction of criminals. Learn more at:


Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem expands to the Netherlands

24th August 2015

ReciperoXS logo We are pleased to announce that the full Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem is now available in the Netherlands. This will allow the public and organizations that buy and sell mobile phones to trade with confidence.

The Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem is set for a rapid rollout as part of a joint venture between Recipero and PortingXS. The joint venture named ReciperoXS is already starting to help Dutch customers avoid the costs of handling compromised devices, protecting consumers and business alike from the costs of crime.

The Dutch focus will initially be on:

In the UK and the US, these services have proven to be highly effective in identifying and reducing mobile device crime.

PortingXS headquartered in the Netherlands, is a well respected provider of IT and Telecoms solutions throughout the world. Like Recipero, PortingXS has been established for 15 years and so brings a wealth of experience and connections that will help benefit both existing and new users.

Mark Harman, CEO of Recipero said;

The expansion of our Ecosystem to the Netherlands is a great step for Recipero. The speed of rollout has been testament to the great synergies between Recipero and PortingXS. This has enabled our teams to translate and adapt our solutions to benefit Dutch consumers, businesses and law-enforcement.

Ronald Vlasman, CEO of PortingXS said;

The platform, consisting of valuable information about mobile phones and other electronic devices, will be the link between consumers, retailers, police, insurers, banks and recyclers.

Links to Dutch websites:

ReciperoXS company website (NL)

PortingXS (NL)

Telefooncheck website (NL)

ClaimsCheck website (NL)

Immobilise Property Register website (NL)

Police NMPR website (NL)


Recipero Announces Partnership with Carolina West Wireless to Guard Against Theft and Trade of Stolen Devices

19th August 2015

Carolina West Wireless Recipero, a partnering member of Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), has announced that it is collaborating with Carolina West Wireless, the premier wireless carrier serving western North Carolina, to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen smartphones, including Carolina West Wireless devices.

Carolina West Wireless, a CCA carrier member, has signed on to deploy Recipero’s CheckMEND, StockWatch and FraudWatch solutions, part of Recipero’s powerful Crime Reduction Ecosystem that helps detect mobile devices that have been lost or stolen.

The use of Recipero’s CheckMEND solution will help safeguard both customers and employees from criminal activity, StockWatch monitors retail and logistics environments providing early indication inventory theft, while FraudWatch targets the growing problem of contract fraud /credit muling – helping to reduce the personal and commercial impact of crime.

In addition, consumers and law enforcement officials alike will have access to Carolina West Wireless data on lost or stolen devices through Recipero’s CheckMEND and Police NMPR solutions.

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Jack Wraith MBE, appointed as Recipero's UK Government & Regulatory Affairs Adviser

11th May 2015

Jack Wraith MBE We are pleased to welcome Jack Wraith MBE to Recipero as Government and Regulatory Affairs Adviser. As people familiar with the telecoms industry will know, Jack has extensive experience in the area of telecommunications fraud and risk and has held several lead roles most recently as CEO of TUFF (the Telecommunications United Kingdom Fraud Forum).

Jack has also served as Chair of The Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum (MICAF), and former Executive Secretary to the Communications Crime Strategy Group (CCSG). In tandem with these roles Jack has also acted as Chairman to a number of fraud and crime related committees within the UK, including Joint Chairmanship of the ACPO Telecommunications Data Communications Group.

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Recipero partners with CCA to help carriers identify and prevent trade of stolen devices

Denver, CO. – January 28, 2015

CCA logo Recipero are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Competitive Carriers Association to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen consumer electronics, including smartphones.

Recipero CheckMEND is the most complete international listing of lost and stolen mobile devices available, comprised of data from major wireless carriers and law-enforcement entities globally. Using the CheckMEND tool, CCA members will have the ability to identify lost or stolen devices and prevent these devices from entering the carrier’s buyback programs.

In addition, CCA can help eliminate trafficking in stolen mobile devices in the U.S. and abroad by submitting the respective identification numbers of all devices that have been reported as lost or stolen into Recipero's CheckMEND database. The CheckMEND database can also be used by consumers and law-enforcement agencies to verify that a pre-owned CCA member smartphone has not been reported lost or stolen.

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Recipero's 2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures

19th January 2015

2014 was a busy year for Recipero with our customers checking over $4 Billion worth of devices using our solutions.

We have pulled a few more more facts and figures from our Crime Reduction Ecosystem that are summarised in the attached infographic "2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures”.

Recipero 2014 Mobile Device Crime Facts and Figures


FCC issue clear, focused, actionable guidance to tackle phone crime.

8th December 2014

At the FCC’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting on December 4th ( FCC video – view from 39 minutes ) Chairman Wheeler shared what he will be asking industry to do to reduce levels of mobile device theft.

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Recipero NMPR: the No.1 resource for device-led data investigation in law enforcement (video)

3rd October 2014

To help explain why the NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) is so powerful a short video presentation has been created detailing how it provides valuable, actionable intelligence as part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

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Recipero, mobile device-led data and intelligence specialists, appoint Greg Post as President, North America.

16th July 2014

DENVER, CO. – July 16, 2014 – Recipero is delighted to announce the appointment of Greg Post as President, North America and at the same time the opening of new offices in Denver, Colorado.

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The FCC invite Recipero to contribute to industry workshop on "Prevention of Mobile Device Theft"

17th June 2014

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have invited Recipero to contribute to the workshop on "Prevention of Mobile Device Theft" in Washington this month alongside other stakeholders such as law-enforcement agencies, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers.

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Recipero Announces Collaboration with Sprint to Help Prevent the Trade and Sale of Stolen Smartphones

20th March 2014

Carrier adds its lost and stolen device data to Recipero’s CheckMEND international stolen-property tool to create a robust device-checking process

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 20, 2014 – Recipero has announced that it is teaming up with Sprint (NYSE: S) to help prevent the trade and sale of stolen consumer electronics, including Sprint smartphones.

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Recipero launches US CheckMEND Charter to cut cell phone crime

10th January 2014

Recipero, the global experts in device-led data and analytics solutions, today have announced the launch of the US CheckMEND Charter.

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CheckMEND celebrates its 5th Anniversary in the US

11th December 2013

Recipero is proud to be celebrating CheckMEND's 5th year of providing North America's most reputable cell phone and mobile device history checking service.

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Recipero's Report My Loss service now available Nationally

October 2013

We are pleased to announce that Report My Loss has recently been expanded to encompass the whole of the UK. This will help the public and Police more effectively address the issue of recording and repatriating lost property.

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Recipero recieves the prestigious ACPO Secured by Design award

June 2013

Recipero is pleased to announce that it recently received the highly regarded Secured by Design (SBD) Award for its services and products, including the Immobilise National Property Register service & products, plus linked services including the Police NMPR service, CheckMEND and Report My Loss, all of which are aimed a helping identify, investigate and deter crime and associated criminality.

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Sims Recycling Solutions integrates CheckMEND as they expand into Mobile Devices

May 2013

Sims Recycling Solutions, a global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, has announced it that it has expanded its U.S. asset management services to include mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones and tablets.

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CheckMEND and GameStop Partner to Strengthen Electronic Trade-in Program

May 2013

CheckMEND the world's leading due diligence service for used consumer electronics today announced it has secured an agreement with GameStop to deploy its software in all GameStop's US stores to identify devices that are not eligible for trade.

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West Midlands Police sign up to Code of Practice to stop sale of stolen goods

January 2013

West Midlands Police are one of the first forces in the country to fully embrace a new code of practice aimed at slamming the door in the face of thieves trying to sell stolen goods.

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Gazelle – Leading USA consumer electronics reseller deploys CheckMEND to help identify fraud

November 2012

Gazelle, one of the USA's leading high-end consumer trade-in sites, today announced it has deployed CheckMEND, a cutting-edge tool, designed to more accurately detect potentially stolen goods, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

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