Protect your mobile devices and technology

Mobile phones and other technology are notoriously difficult to secure. There is a large second-hand market for these devices so there are many opportunities for thieves, fraudsters or even your own staff to turn these into cash.

AssetWatch is proven to provide fast accurate intelligence to take action against:

  • Retail stock leakage
  • Devices sold by employees who claim"loss" or "theft"
  • Goods lost in transit
  • Theft from warehouses and distribution centers
  • Devices sold when subject to outstanding finance
  • Devices sold when subject to contractual terms

Very often you are made aware "after the event" and so cannot take any meaningful prevention or deter future activity.

Retail devices and technology

As a major on-line retailer we work closely with Recipero to detect and prevent cybercrime.

AssetWatch Customer

Retail Stock Leakage

We monitor stock in real-time for many retailers. They use the alerts we provide to prevent stock leakage and to pursue internal theft cases.

"Sold" by Employees

Asset management teams find managing and monitoring the loss of devices difficult. With devices increasing in value, claims of "loss or theft" increase and the incentive for employees to defraud their employers is higher. We work with corporate asset management teams and provide early warning alerts to allow them to detect fraudulent behavior.

Goods Lost in Transit

This is a major problem and cost for most online retailers. Claims for "loss" in transit are very high and difficult to monitor. Some frauds are organized others opportunistic. We monitor devices until they reach their intended recipient and also check that devices that have been reported "lost" are visible to police to optimize the chance of repatriation.

Warehouse Theft

As with retail, we monitor stock of devices held in warehouses and other distribution facilities. The intelligence we provide is used to complement existing stock management and allows employers to give a warning that devices are all "visible" to police.

Sold subject to finance

Devices can be rented or leased with title remaining with the finance provider for a period. AssetWatch provides these financiers or lenders with alerts as soon as these devices are offered into second-hand markets. They can take action to avoid missed payments and recover assets.

Sold Subject to Contract

Subsidized mobile devices have always offered fraud opportunities to thieves. AssetWatch allows retailers who provide these devices under contract to receive alerts as soon as the devices are offered into second-hand markets. They can take action to avoid missed payments and deal with churn and loyalty issues.

How AssetWatch Works

The solution to this problem is two-fold.

  1. An independent system outside of your own processes must have knowledge that you own the mobile devices.
  2. There must be a reliable indicator that the devices are being offered for trade when they should not be.

AssetWatch leverages Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem to spot activity by police, insurers, second-hand traders, pawnshops and individual consumers buying from auction and classified sites.

We match that activity to serial numbered products you have told us you own and we alert you when someone attempts to trade them.

You receive real-time alerts from us that your device is in someone else's hands and they are trying to sell it. Additionally, we also return a "red flag" result to the trader meaning they will not accept the device so the thief will not profit from the crime.

Not only does it provide you and the police with valuable intelligence about time and place, but it also acts as a great deterrent. It is a simple solution but it only works because of Recipero's unique footprint of traders across the globe. Whether physical stores or online traders, the easy route for profit and the incentive to steal again is removed.

Benefits of use

  • Pro-active alerts that the devices you own or finance are being traded and where they are traded.
  • Traders will be warned from buying these devices.
  • Criminals will quickly realize contract fraud is less profitable.
  • Build up a picture of activity across your customer and employee base.

AssetWatch Checkmark

AssetWatch Approved Partner Logo

Recipero works closely with customers and data partners to make the Crime Reduction Ecosystem as comprehensive and relevant as possible.

The AssetWatch Checkmark is awarded to businesses that provide data to track and protect their valuable assets using the service. For more information about the Checkmark and use please go to: AssetWatch Partner Accreditation

Getting Started

No cost, no obligation trial periods available. Totally risk free proof of concept. For more information please contact us to discuss your business needs.

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AssetWatch Product Sheet

Please use the link below to download a PDF with information about the AssetWatch solution.

Corporate AssetWatch Information

Learn more about protecting your company devices and technology with our corporate asset management solution.

Real-time trade monitoring

Real-time trade monitoring

How does AssetWatch know about trading activity?

AssetWatch has access to Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem. Part of this system is a footprint of thousands of traders who use our services to avoid buying compromised devices.

Online partners and tens of thousands of individual buyers from auction and classified listings sites also alert us to trade activity.


Secure anonymized data

Secure anonymized data

What information do you need to provide?

Once a day (more frequently if you can) tell us the serial numbers of items you have taken ownership of and those that you have sold or disposed of.

No personal information is required at all.



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