What We Do

We Collect, Analyse and Deliver Device-led Data Solutions

Recipero takes device-led data and uses experience and skills in analytics to build critical intelligence. We then create software solutions to deliver this intelligence to our customers.

Over the past 15 years we have used these resources to and developed important relationships with industry stakeholders to create the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem™.

Our customers come from a range of sectors including Retail, Recommerce and Recycling, Insurance, Government & Law Enforcement, and Finance.

Recipero solutions provide intelligence in the following:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Crime investigation
  • Transaction verification
  • Device due-diligence
  • Registry building

The resulting solutions that we provide are often combined with our considerable data resources and branded services, then are delivered to clients in real-time.

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Who we do it for

Who We Do It For

Our solutions help a comprehensive variety of clients, ranging from law enforcement and cell phone networks right through to international retailers, recyclers, insurers and global logistics companies.

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How we do it

How We Do it

Considered as experts in our industry sectors, our understanding of the intricacies of device-led data, knowing what to look for, how to find it, how to make it useful, and of course deliver the resulting knowledge are what set us apart.

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Recipero's leadership team have been with the business from its outset focusing on the development of our device-led intelligence expertise and client solutions.

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Recipero's partners include: