Case Study: Gazelle

Real-Time Integration with CheckMEND

Gazelle is North America’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site. Launched in 2008, provides an easy, fast and safe way for consumers to get cash for their unwanted phones and other devices.

Gazelle has always been at the forefront of customer service and were the first online reCommerce company to deploy the CheckMEND solution, enhancing their ability to spot lost or stolen goods and protect their customers.

Integrated directly with Gazelle’s online systems and processing facilities, Recipero’s extensive data resources are accessed via the CheckMEND API. The high availability interface suited the process critical, high volume requirements of Gazelle’s systems that prior to 2014 had handled nearly two million consumer devices.

More recently, Gazelle has continued to lead the industry, joining with Recipero and other stakeholders to launch the US CheckMEND Charter. This was created to establish an industry-led set of best practices to prevent trading of lost or stolen consumer electronics. In addition to protecting consumers and helping to avoid confusion, Charter participants pledge to actively help law enforcement agencies combat theft and fraud related to consumer electronics.

When we first entered into a partnership with Recipero to leverage the CheckMEND tool, our goal was quite simple: to prevent thieves from benefitting from lost or stolen consumer electronics, the new CheckMEND Charter takes this a step further, not only ensuring that Gazelle will never pay a consumer for a device that has been reported as lost or stolen, but to also ensure law enforcement agencies can more effectively combat consumer electronic device theft.

Israel Ganot, CEO, Gazelle

Today, Recipero continues to work closely with Gazelle and other industry stakeholders to provide and promote responsible trading, actively working to address crime associated with mobile devices whilst protecting the consumer.

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Gazelle has experienced greater than 100 percent growth in volume for the past several years.

With increased volume comes an increase in attempts to trade stolen devices.CheckMEND helps protect our business from that risk and better serve our customers.

Matt Rowe, VP General Counsel at Gazelle